Mission Statement

Vision and Mission

With its socially responsible marketing, GUITER SA CONSTRUCTION & MINING guarantees its customers complete and high-quality services of construction and mining, The Company provides its owners with satisfactory returns on their invested capital and offers its employees opportunities for personal advancement.
At GUITER SA business is conducted on the basis of trust, reliable and safe solutions, flexibility and partnership, knowledge and co-operation, as well as responsibility to the environment and society. We create extra value for customers while at the same time looking after the satisfaction and personal growth of our employees.
We are stepping into the future with tradition, experience, knowledge and expertise.
Today, GUITER SA's activities encompass construction works of different kinds and levels of difficulty of construction services for civil work and road maintenance. With its wide range of services, GUITER SA can even realize very demanding projects. We perform all phases of construction.
We build our success on close contacts and co-operation with our customers from the beginning to the end of a project. GUITER SA will continue to be a synonym for both top-quality solutions in the construction field and a reliable choice for customers.
In order to achieve our Vision GUITER SA has the mission to provide innovative, practical and top-quality construction services to our customers through consistence and commitment to our shared values.
We resolve to be focused on safety, family values and quality of life, making a positive difference in our Community. Through the long-term commitment to this mission we will be known as a Company that is dedicated to service and quality.
We build quality. Before we do any construction or provide any service, we fully understand the specifications and requirements of our customers
We build value. Founded in 1988 GUITER SA is comprised of many well-coordinated, highly professional teams; the best in the Nation. As such we also, spend considerable time and energy building the foundation for long term prosperity in the future.
We encourage and promote our core value, strive to develop every employee’s leadership potential, create a culture in which teaching and learning becomes a strategy, offer superior rewards, incentive and recognition for superior performance and attract and retain extraordinary talent.

At GUITER SA it is important that our individual decisions incorporate these Core ethical values:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Accountability
  • Consideration of others
  • Poursuit of Excellence

Mr. Ansoumane Kaba
Guinéenne de Terrassement Routier
Rep. of Guinea